Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Mirror Power - Sence of Space!

Hi Guys! Today I have mirrors for you! Think reflection, mirrors are much more than funtional items - they're decorating wonders.  They amplify the amount of light, and can reflect the outdoors in. Any room will benefit from them.  There style can be fun, sophisticated or sleek. They can command a fabulous presence as a focal point!  I like to think of this as the most classic and easy way to add glamour while doubling your space at the same time.  I've added color inspiration shemas to the board below.  Hope this will inspire you!  Have a great one, Suzanne

1. Try a mirror on mirror. Source:  ivillage

2. Backwall and side wall covered with tiled mirrors.  Everything just seams floating! Source: cottage-gardens

3. Clear mirror tiles you can purchase boxes of 12' x 12' tiles that can be found at most big-box home stores.  Source Lonny

4.''These square cut mirror panels offer amazing light reflection, but they also seem to give off their own imperfect texture as well.  Because of the visible seams between each panel we can see a somewhat distorted reflection of the room behind us, without loosing the interesting details within'' the furniture and accessories.  Source Jordan Guide Design

5. Using a big mirror as a room divider! Source:   John Douglas Eason

6. ''Mirrors installed so that the reflection would give the illusion of dining chairs going all the way round the table. A great solution if you have a small space like that and need to work around it'' Maria Killim

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