Sunday, 14 April 2013

Banquette Space Saver!

Banquette Love!

A ''banquette'' is a french word for upholstered bench. I am a huge banquette fan...for fashion and especially for a small house function. It is pretty much one of those savvy space savers you cannot ''screw up'' floor plan wise. Created to fit a particular nook you can never go wrong. I have experimented with ready made banquettes purchased from Craig's List.  They were great and inexpense to fix...One Example; my before and after banquette recovered.  I have a small dining space and the banquette saved the day, I can now seat 10 people instead of 6...Every inch of wall space was utilized + more floor space.   I now call it my little Bistro!  Wine tasting area yes! haha... Today I selected five functional and beautiful dining banquettes from BHG . I added some color schemas for you on the board below!  Hope you will be inspired to create a banquette in your house!  Do you have a banquette or think of creating one shorhly?  I would love to hear from you!  You can see more ideas on my Pinterest banquettes board, thanks and have a nice one,  Suzanne xxoo 
P.S. Banquette Benefits
.Compact seating in high traffic rooms
.Space Saver
.Intimate - Inviting - Comfy
.Recover in washable fabrics for kids or you may regret it (plastify)

Photo 1, 2, 6...Like a round table sharp edges for small ones
Source:  BHG

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