Monday, 13 May 2013

Courting Rustic Parisian Flair!

Hi guys!

If you have furniture in a room that is terribly plain and could use a paint makeover, painting them so that they have a great texture and color, or more specifically in this case, rustic linen, can create a visual punch that livens the space. Latest paint project:  Cream french style tables that did not aged gracefully.  The main coffee table top turned yellow compared to the others....Really not pretty!

So because of their parisien flair I created a french linen pattern on the top of the tables with a teal and grey combo.  The legs where painted in a soft grey.
It was a really fast, fun and easy to do!

Main material lists:

  • Behr Premium Ultra Paint and Primer in One, Satin (I appreciate it because it saved me time)
  • Paint color (teal) Underwater # UL220-23 
  • Paint color (grey) Painter's white # PPU18-8 
  • Two Soft paint brush (one for blending the teal and grey colors) (one for only painting with the grey color)

 How-To create a linen coffee table top...My steps

Completly painted the surface in a soft grey using Behr paint & primer in one. I turned the piece upside down for easier cleaning and for painting those little feet haha...see photo below. Let dry overnight, I find it needs to cure (even if it does dry fast) a little before moving to the next step.
2. Photo 2, results from the paint combo, steps 3 & 4                                                                                   3 & 4.  Dribbled 1 part grey color with one part teal color.  Blend together with your paint brush...The surface will look like a soft cloud.   
5. Dry brush technique:  I Dipped lightly brush into grey paint, dabbed it onto a piece of paper to take the excess off. First I went across the table top in an horizontal sweep, starting from left to right. I,ve create a very rustic look...So it does'nt matter if you can't make it from one end to the other in one stroke.

Before starting to paint, I like to turn the piece upside down. It receives a good cleaning and the feet are easier to paint. 
Teal and Grey blended a cloud

Grey dry brush stoke over the cloud effect.
Hope this will inspire you to try.  If so let me know

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Have a great one!  Suzanne xxoo

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