Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Rustic Living!

Creating a country style ''The Barn Look'' for your home is a perfect way to bring an earthy and warm tone to it. Using reclaimed barn planks will set the mood for your décor.  Photo inpitation # 5 could easily be translated into a bungalow with a slanted roof line. For a small home I recommend painting the walls with one light color like in the photo. (please...No accent wall color in this case because the planks demand respect and presence).  The furniture will be the star and the walls will remain in the background setting the mood.  This is the perfect place to give dusty old furniture a new lease on life... Refurbish and repurpose pieces found at garage sales and flea markets.  Hope you enjoy planning and dreaming about it! 
P.S...... I would love to know your thoughts on this subject or any other color palette and-or style you would like to see posted here!  Thanks a million for stopping by and have a great one! Suzanne    

Photo credits:  #1 Suzanne Dufault Design, #2 The Knot #3 Natalme  #4 Country Living #5 Homebunch

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